Emilia 2U Backspace Key Titanium Keycap Craft No.1


Our first 2U backspace key is online. The theme is Emilia swimsuit because the weather is about to get hot and we need some cool outfits.

Available for a limited time only, no retail sales.

The keycap sample in the picture is the ice crystal type, and the color titanium type has no texture on the side. The color is similar to the ice crystal version.

If you need to combine order shipping, please contact me on Discord or email. To save on shipping costs.

Group purchase time: March 16th – March 21th, 2024

Group purchase price: 65 -70US dollars

  • Material: Titanium alloy
  • Craftsmanship: Anodized and colored
  • Stem: MX
  • Keycap Height:R4
  • Profile: Cherry Profile
  • Completion Date: 3-5 weeks

Shipping Fee:

Shipping to the United States, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand is $6,  and to other countries is $10.

Shipping Time:

2-3 weeks in the United States, 2-4 weeks in Europe, and 1-2 weeks in Asia


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