Kamado Nezuko Hand Engraved Titanium Keycaps Ice Crystal Style


Different from the previous hand-carved Kamado Nezuko keycaps, this time we choose colored ice crystal keycap embryos, which are carefully carved by hand to show unique colors.

There is currently one keycap in stock, and subsequent orders will need to be made, with a production cycle of 2-3 months.


Material: ice crystal titanium
Craftsmanship: hand-carved, hand-lined and colored.
Stem: MX
Keycap Height:R4
Profile: Cherry Profile
Completion Date: 2-3 months

Shipping Fee:

Shipping to the United States, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand is $6, and to other countries is $10.

Shipping Time:

2-3 weeks in the United States, 2-4 weeks in Europe, and 1-2 weeks in Asia


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