Sword Maiden Titanium Keycap Ctrl or Alt Key 1.25U


Group purchase time: May 21th – May 28th, 2024

Group purchase price: 45 -50US dollars

Selling price after group purchase ends: 65-70US dollars

The difference between ice crystals and colored titanium is that ice crystals have a special texture, while colored titanium has no texture. The sample is a color titanium model.

Material: Titanium alloy
Craftsmanship: Anodized and colored
Stem: MX
Keycap Height:R1 Ctrl Key
Profile: Cherry Profile
Completion Date: 3-6 weeks

Shipping Fee:

Shipping to the United States, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand is $6, and to other countries is $10.

Shipping Time:

2-3 weeks in the United States, 2-4 weeks in Europe, and 1-2 weeks in Asia


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