TTKCAP Phase 1 Titanium Keycap Blind Box


Hi, TTKCAP’s first blind box event preview, we have selected 10 different keycaps.

There is one three-dimensional embossed keycap (valued at $75/piece), one double-sided keycap (valued at $50/piece), 5 ice crystal titanium keycaps (valued at $42/piece), and 3 color titanium keycaps (valued at $40 USD/piece).

The price of each blind box is based on the group price of the color titanium keycaps.

The price of each blind box is US$29.9. There are 10 places temporarily released in the first phase.

Blind box shipping rules:

Event deadline: January 28, 2024 10:00 (Beijing time)

After reaching the deadline, regardless of whether all 10 places are sold out, we will start packing the blind boxes from the most expensive keycaps, leaving the cheapest keycaps.

The packaging is uniform, and after packaging is completed, the order of the packages is shuffled, and then shipped in the order of purchase.

Process pictures will be posted in the community.

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