Zero Two Titanium Keycaps 4th Generation 1U



Group purchase time: June 5th – June 10th, 2024

Group purchase price: 34 -35US dollars (The price is US$50 after the group purchase ends)

Material: Titanium alloy
Craftsmanship: Anodized and colored
Stem: MX
Keycap Height:R4
Profile: Cherry Profile
Completion Date: 3-6 weeks

Shipping Fee:

Shipping to the United States, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand is $6, and to other countries is $10.

Shipping Time:

2-3 weeks in the United States, 2-4 weeks in Europe, and 1-2 weeks in Asia

Regarding the choice of titanium color, titanium polished silver, and titanium ice crystal, you can refer to this product of Elaina. The main difference between the three materials is the color and texture of the sides.